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Online Audio Mastering Optimising Your Music

Melody Mastering - CD

Melody Mastering was set up to make your music sound as good as possible with high quality audio equipment and experience.  We work closely with artists and labels to provide great masters that meet your requisites.   

Online Mastering

After selecting how many tracks you want to be mastered, compete the checkout steps with PayPal or using a debit/credit card via the secure payment portal. After getting an order confirmation please send me the premaster file.

This should not be clipping (going in the red) and should have at least 3db of headroom.

Preferred format is:

44.1khz 16 bit (or 32 bit float) WAV file.

Make sure there are NO compressors, limiters or any major EQ plug ins on the master bus. Please also send over a text document if you have any requests, such as if you are wanting a certain style or effect, or if you want to send over any reference tracks you’d like it to sound similar too.

I recommend using to send large files over. Please send them using Wetransfer or another hosting site to

I will email you if there are any problems with the file(s) provided. After the master is finished, I will email you a link for you to download your WAV master.

Any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me at